Apr 21, 2007

It Feels Like . . . Watergate

For the past few days I have been following first the testimony of Attorney General Gonzalez, then some of the commentary. The man is a weasel, and you have been hearing it in his voice in all of his testimony, as far back as his confirmation hearings. Leave it to Greg Palast to start working out the real political reasons (of a Rove-ian nature) for the firing of Bud Cummins in Arkansas, and his replacement by a Republican National Committee guerrilla named Tim Griffin. Gonzalez' testimony and public writings, and Justice Department staff emails had suggested that this change was a matter of high political concern. I haven't felt as interested in this stuff since Senator Sam Ervin shuffled along in the Senate and Judge Sirica handed down his decisions.

You have to be a real political junkie to dig into this, but if you are, it all begins to make sense.
So read Palast's piece. He is fearless and has been one of the best journalists on voting rights issues since the 2000 debacle in FL.

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