Sep 3, 2007

The First Installment of an Orderly Withdrawal

Flash from the Evening Standard in London, September 3, 2007: British Troops leave the government palace in Basra, congregate at the airport, under cover of darkness. Apparently bringing supplies to the soldiers in the center of the city has been more dangerous than stationing them together at the airport, which is always under mortar attack. This looks to be significant. Watch it. Bush is said to be really pissed off. It's about time he has to confront somebody not doing his bidding.

What I also found interesting is that--as you will see in the article--the British generals are continuing to be really disturbed by our failure to plan the aftermath of the invasion. I'm telling you, if you haven't been to see
Charles Ferguson's No End in Sight yet, find it and see it. It's in limited run. You can find the listed theaters on their site. This is what has the generals so upset and you don't have to be a military historian to see why.

I still think the war is a war of aggression and therefore an international crime. The incompetence and disastrous lack of common sense on the part of the Bush administration in executing their dreams does nothing but confirm the bankruptcy of their morals and their vapid intelligence.

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