Apr 15, 2008

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

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It really is a shame, isn't it?

To quote the great Calvin Trillin from the same issue of The Nation,

Republicans seemed sunk before--
A grim economy, the war.
But now the Democrats make news:
They've figured out a way to lose.

Recall the old joke about the two piranhas: there's the two of them circling in the tank, and the next morning the tank is empty: My god, they've eaten each other!

Isn't it amazing how a fight to the death--or to the finish, or what's the difference?--begins before you know it? The vortex starts where? It starts with grief, doesn't it? It starts with not being in touch with one's pain. We don't have to worry about their persistence, do we? But was that ever in question? Whichever side loses this battle will find that the real test of political courage is just beginning: how to put aside the grief at the loss and find the understanding to unite rather than maintain the pain in bitterness.

The point has to be to make sure the Republican Party does not win the election.

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