Sep 21, 2008

Go Bernie GO!

At last, a voice of reason emerges with a real plan rather than this bailout for the greedy guts guys:

Here's step Number One:

I have proposed a four part plan to accomplish that goal which includes a five-year, 10% surtax on the income of individuals above $500,000 a year, and $1 million a year for couples; a requirement that the price the government pays for any mortgage assets are discounted appropriately so that government can recover the amount it paid for them; and, finally, the government should receive equity in the companies it bails out so that when the stock of these companies rises after the bailout, taxpayers also have the opportunity to share in the resulting windfall. Taken together, these measures would provide the best guarantee that at the end of five years, the government will have gotten back the money it put out.

In addition--step Number Two is to repeal the deregulation that caused this mess; Three, create millions of jobs for the working families; and Four, break up the companies determined to be "too big to fail."

Read: "The Middle Class Must Not Be Forced to Bail Out Wall Street" by Sen. Bernie Sanders!

Progressives take note:

Have you noticed how politicians on both sides only refer to the "middle class"?

I doubt seriously that any of these ideas will be adopted by Obama if he wins, but nonetheless:

Go Bernie Go!

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