Nov 12, 2008

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I have never been so pleased by an election before. However, I am 64 years old, and my life has paralleled the long and terrible situation in Palestine. Before I die I hope to see some version of peace, equality, and real justice come to that land.

The choices being made by the new President indicate, sadly, that he will probably not seek justice in Palestine, that he will continue the bankrupt policies of the outgoing administration, which is essentially to allow Israel to continue its violations of international law.

Unless the work of peace is pursued, there will be no justice, there will be no peace in our time, there will be no humane governing of the area. The old man Ehud Olmert--better late than never, as my departed mother used to say--has decided to speak now that he knows he has no more to lose. The man was a moral coward before he spoke and should not be given credit for speaking the truth. Where is his apology to the Palestinian people? Where is his charge to the negotiators to act in the spirit of peace and reconciliation?

In a perfect world, our new President must speak the truth to Israel and bring equity to the oppressed people f Palestine. Immediately he should threaten to withhold all funding for the State of Israel unless it begins steps to withdraw the illegal settlers and stop the siege of Gaza.

The spirit of Martin Luther King is pointing the way, but I am quite sure that President-elect Obama is not following in that direction.

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