Dec 17, 2008

Solve the economic crisis--letter to The Whiner

Cut the interest rate by law on all loans in effect to 4%.

Distribute, in 100 Billion chunks, the remaining bailout money to every citizen in the United States either as unemployment checks and/or in the form of US Treasury currency warrants to be spent only at grocery stores, farmers' markets, local restaurants, second-hand clothing stores, and other non-chain stores. That will give a kick to the economy, freeing up money for paying other bills.

Finally, provide single payer health care for all residents of the United States.

No recovery can start at the top. The rich will only hoard. The poor, the working class and the middle class will feel free to spend, thereby creating demand. We'll deal with the artificial social welfare of the war on drugs problem and the military-industrial-congressional complex next fiscal year.

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