Jan 16, 2009

An 18 Minute Education

If you want a solid, well-informed review of American foreign policy at this transitional point, listen to this interview with Eric Margolis, the American journalist who remembers more about foreign affairs than any pundits in the MSM or Beltway Village. His description of western policy in the Middle East: “Incredibly arrogant, incredibly ignorant.” His take on Egypt, on Obama’s dilemma in Afghanistan, and on the current Middle East crisis are neutral and clear.

Margolis has an intellect of high order, knows his history, speaks several languages, has traveled and reported widely, and is very articulate. 18 minutes listening to him will do everyone well. At the end of the interview he suggests where to get good information about US foreign policy.

Margolis’ website is: http://www.ericmargolis.com/

Cut and paste to the interview in case the hyperlink above does not work at

(http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2009/01/14/lew-rockwell-interviews-eric-margolis/) .

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