Nov 6, 2007

Another Little Bit to Add to the Dossier

Postscript on torture and the Bush administration. Thanks to Scott Horton and his own research. Well, who knows how he found it in the archives. I find it stunning. In a post on his blog, “No Comment” entitled ‘We Do Not Torture’: The Lies Started in 1967” Horton provides an article from the New York Times, “Branding Rite Laid to Yale University,” Nov. 8, 1967. Here are the last two paragraphs:

The charge that has caused the most controversy on the Yale campus is that Delta Kappa Epsilon applied a “hot branding iron” to the small of the back of its 40 new members in ceremonies two weeks ago. A photograph showing a scab in the shape of the Greek letter Delta, approximately a half inch wide, appeared with the article.

A former president of Delta said that the branding is done with a hot coathanger. But the former president, George Bush, a Yale senior, said that the resulting wound is “only a cigarette burn.”

Practical joker. Ah yes, and then there's that smirk, and that attitude. Lovely guy to be around.

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