Nov 8, 2007


The title means "questions" in German. Just pretend that these are the questions at the end of today's lesson.

If Pakistan's "President" Pervez Musharraf has declared marshal law and put the constitution in "abeyance," because he fears a threat from terrorists and radicals who will take over Pakistan, why is he arresting lawyers and charging them with treason and the death penalty? Why is he placing judges under house arrest? Why has he arrested supporters of Benazir Bhutto and placed the former prime minister under house arrest?

If President Bush decried violence by the military junta in Myanmar/Burma a few weeks ago and called for sanctions, why isn't he doing the same to Musharraf?

Does President Bush wish that he had a uniform to go along with being Commander-in-Chief?

Why did Vice President Cheney's office hold up the publication of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran last year in order to suppress information that did not support the worst case scenario about Iran's nuclear program?

If terrorists really are going to blow up the Beverly Center or the Glendale Galleria sometime during the Christmas holidays--as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are saying--am I going to let my daughters shop there? Will I do my usual Christmas Eve panic buy there?

Does Condoleezza Rice really think that Israel will take any action to help move in the direction of a two-state solution? If so, why has Israel continued to expand the settlements in the Occupied Territories?

If Israel wants the Palestinians to recognize its right to exist, how come the Israeli government does not recognize the right of Palestine to exist?

I am at the point tonight in which only questions appear to be useful.

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